Who we are

"We build strategies that win hearts and minds"

In politics, the colour red has been a symbol of socialism and progressive politics since the French Revolution. We chose the name Red Heart on purpose, not as cool branding, but to signify our mission. Red Heart is a full-service consulting firm providing essential services for successful progressive campaigns and causes, nonprofits and labour organisations. We do that by providing both actionable strategic advice and a broad spectrum of practical, tactical support. With a breadth and depth of experience in communications, advocacy and electoral campaigns: strategy, old and new media, social media, digital, research, press and event production, our staff is well-suited to provide you with the guidance and help necessary for you to succeed. Wherever we work in Europe, the US and around the world, we believe that while “all politics is local,” there are universal qualities to persuasion and successful action: clarity, authenticity, respecting the people you’re trying to reach and relentless attention to detail.

"Red Heart is full-service consulting firm providing essential services for successful progressive campaigns and causes, nonprofits and labour organisations."

What we do

Whether your goal is elected office, winning hearts and minds or pushing back against bad policy, we can help you not only figure it out, but make it happen.

In today’s communications environment, the competition for attention is intense, and the attention more fleeting. Red Heart communications consulting can help you align your assets, relationships, audiences and messages with your goals. From social media to press relations, speechwriting to training, research to media preparation, publishing to event planning and production, we help you assess where you are, plan where you need to be, create and execute.


Wherever people get their information – through broadcast, web, print, social media, radio and other means – they can be reached. We know how to target and reach your audiences with acute messages that trigger action. We develop message calendars, write press releases and op-ed pieces and manage your relationship with the media. We also offer a range of trainings from social media to public speaking.


As information is increasingly being consumed online, organisations need to stay on top of digital developments. We can help you develop and execute cutting-edge digital strategies; we build websites, develop mobile apps, manage social media, produce video content, run email campaigns, develop digital advertising strategies and optimise online fundraising as well as online grassroots engagement.

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